Creating solutions in collaboration Annual report 2013

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6 March 2013 BTO

Extension of broad screening of undesirable substances in drinking water sources

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5 May 2013 BTO

Timely signalling substances that can threaten drinking water supply

Nieuwe stoffen, zoals geneesmiddelen, kunnen de bronnen voor drinkwater bereiken
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6 June 2013 Research

Developing a sensor to measure surface water quality

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15 June 2013 Research

The Freshmaker: from the drawing board to practice

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20 July 2013 BTO

Quick and reliable predictions of the impact of measures on vegetation

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23 July 2013 Research

New DNA method to detect blue-green algae

Tilburgs stadswater onder de microscoop: ronde kolonies Woronichinia-cellen.
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20 August 2013 BTO Research

DNA detection applied increasingly widely

Het bronopsporingsonderzoek wordt uitgebreid met honden en paarden.
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22 August 2013 Networks Research

PREPARED: Ready for climate change

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18 October 2013 BTO

Combining water production sustainably with other area functions

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29 October 2013 Networks Research

Kick-off of large European project SOLUTIONS

Alle deelnemers aan het project Solutions
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17 November 2013 Research

Phosphorus threatens survival of rare plants

Orchidee, Koolmansdijk (foto: Jerry van Dijk)
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18 December 2013 Networks Research

KWR becomes WHO Collaborating Centre on Water Quality and Health

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20 December 2013 Research

Policy entrepreneurs are crucial for water management renewal

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