Creating solutions in collaboration Annual report 2013

Workshop on drinking water and wastewater infrastructure  

Watershare® brings together Norwegian and Dutch knowledge

10 October 2013Networks

The municipal drinking water and wastewater company of Oslo, VAV Oslo, and the Dutch company Waternet meet for a two-day workshop in Oslo. The workshop is organised within the framework of Watershare® to expressly involve end-users in the knowledge sharing concept.

During the workshop both parties become aware of the attraction of having international contact with  “peers”, since these often don’t exist at the national level. Waternet is the only Dutch company that operates a complete infrastructure, including both drinking water and wastewater, while VAV Oslo is the only company in Norway with the dimensions that approach those of Waternet. In short: enough common ground for an exchange of ideas.

VAV Oslo would like more insight into the real water consumption of its customers

Norwegians want more insight into water consumption

Workshop at VAV Oslo

Workshop at VAV Oslo

The workshop produced a broad picture of both companies’ daily operational conditions and of their various challenges. VAV Oslo would like more insight into the real water consumption of its customers. The Watershare® tool Water-use Info could make a contribution, as could the Self-Cleaning Network tool, which facilitates the associated network design method.

Waternet interested in sewage network design

For Waternet, the design and management of the sewage network is an area in which foreign managers can provide new perspectives. A critical examination of the design and collection network for household wastewater is also a subject addressed by TKI Water Technology. Interestingly, Oslo has for 20 years operated a network in which thermal energy is recovered from sewage water.

Further collaboration

In 2014 the two parties will be meeting in the Netherlands to further develop their collaboration with the support of the Sintel and KWR knowledge institutes.

Selfcleaning Network Water-use Info

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