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Water companies can help consumers in reducing their energy consumption

28 March 2013BTO

Water companies want to make every effort to limit water-related energy consumption. The place where the greatest energy-saving opportunities are located is after the water meter: in the home, where the consumer uses hot water. Can water companies play a role in reducing this water-related energy consumption?

Are water companies welcome in the consumer’s home, that is, “after the water meter”? They are indeed, according to one focus group, as long as they act as independent, expert and objective advisors on sustainability. This advisory role does not harmonise well with the pursuit of own commercial objectives or the sale of energy-saving products. This is the result of KWR research, conducted within the water sector’s joint research programme (BTO), in which citizens and water company experts, among others, were questioned.

“Sustainability services advisor”

The best chance for water companies who wish to extend their activities in this area is therefore to do so as “sustainability services advisors”. They can help consumers choose from a multitude of energy-saving products:

Insight and comfort

Consumers want independent and reliable advice about such products. They are primarily looking for concrete insight into how much they can save, how quickly their investment will be paid back, and how they can avoid any inconvenience: they don’t want any fuss or loss of comfort.

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