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Watershare® Groundwater Monitor tool 

VITO and KWR share knowledge on groundwater within Watershare®

24 May 2013Networks

Hydrogeological data constitute an enormous source of information. Tapping this potential requires good data management, data analysis and modelling tools. With the Watershare® Groundwater Monitor tool hydrogeologists can get the most out of their groundwater data, with little effort. VITO, the Belgian technology research centre, and Watershare® member from the beginning, works with the Groundwater Monitor. VITO is also actively developing its own tool – Soil Leach – which assesses the risk of chemicals leaching to groundwater.

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In May 2013, KWR’s Jos von Asmuth gives a training session to VITO researchers on the background and use of the Groundwater Monitor. Von Asmuth is the originator of Menyanthes, the software package at the basis of the Groundwater Monitor. “I noticed that the tool fits in well with the interests and activities of our Belgian colleagues. They were surprised by the Groundwater Monitor’s possibilities and unique functionalities, and also found it very user-friendly.”

Tools bring about knowledge sharing

During the training the Belgian researchers also express interest in another KWR software package, HyCA, which allows for the analysis of large water quality databases. “We are very busy getting HyCA ready for Watershare®,” says Van Asmuth, “but their interest was so great that they started working with it right away.” The Belgians also express their interest in developments in Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) and well clogging. This results in a workshop in early 2014, and leads to an expansion of the Watershare® offering. “Thanks to Watershare® global knowledge sharing is growing,” says VITO Director, Roger Dijkmans. “This helps us to better answer our research questions and those of our clients in Belgium.”

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