Creating solutions in collaboration Annual report 2013

Christos Makropoulos, KWR’s new Chief Information Officer 

Urban hydroinformatics research underway

15 October 2013BTO Research

Christos Makropoulos, Assistant Professor of Hydroinformatics at the National Technical University of Athens, is appointed the new Chief Information Officer at KWR. As part of his function, he will work in the field of hydroinformatics and, in particular, on decision-support systems in (urban) water management.

Makropoulos has published extensively in the field of integrated urban water management. He is keen to get down to work at KWR which, in his view, occupies a unique position in the water sector. “In the academic world, we have many models, but no data. The opposite is true for water companies. KWR fills in this gap, forming a bridge between science and practice.”

“By combining different data streams we can develop smarter services”

Defining the opportunities offered by hydroinformatics

Makropoulus works in the rapidly developing field of urban hydroinformatics, which deals with the effective unlocking, modelling and application of information and knowledge for the water sector. His first challenge is to define the opportunities that hydroinformatics offer within current and future KWR projects. What data are collected by researchers at KWR, how are these data processed into useful information, and how is the information then incorporated into knowledge products? The results of this research could lead to the development of new activities at KWR and the water companies, with the aim of extracting more value from the data they have access to. “By combining different data streams – such as water demand, energy consumption and social data – we can develop smarter services and work toward a sustainable water cycle,” says Makropoulos.

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