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Watershare®: the benefits of Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships  

The Watershare® brand grows

5 September 2013Networks

Watershare® is a growth brand! Not only in the number of tools available online and of participants in the network, but also in its ambitions.  

The idea underlying Watershare® is the online sharing of knowledge. In 2013 the number of tools available on the Watershare®-website increases from 10 to 16. This Watershare® Suite includes (eco-)hydrological models, tools for water treatment, for the design and maintenance of distribution networks, and for strategic questions. “And there’s more to come,” promises Programme Director Gertjan Zwolsman. In 2014, about five tools will be added, and a further five in 2015. Moreover, the tools will not only come from KWR, but from other Watershare® members as well.

New members

The number of Watershare® members is also on the increase. At the end of 2013, these include five prominent knowledge institutes, namely, the German research and knowledge centre, Berlin Centre of Competence for Water (KWB), the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association (SWWA), the Dutch research institutes, KWR and Naturalis Diversity Center, and the Flemish research institute VITO. In March 2014, the Public Utility Board (PUB) of Singapore announces that it wants to become a Gold Member. It is expected that more organisations with be joining in 2014. Different types of membership There is a choice of Silver, Gold and Platinum Watershare® membership (see table below). Silver Members can use 2 tools, receive 10 support hours every year, and participate in the Watershare® Annual Conference. Gold and Platinum membership brings with it more tools, more support, and the possibility of including one’s own tools on the Watershare® site.

“If partner institutes share their knowledge better, they can deal with the challenges facing their own countries’ water sectors more effectively.”

This will happen in the years ahead, as VITO is already making tools it developed ready for Watershare®. And Naturalis and KWR are working together on the development of an online tool which will allow one to determine, on the basis DNA in water samples, what animal species are present in the water.

Facing challenges better

“The more members, the better,” says Programme Director Gertjan Zwolsman, referring to the growth. “The Watershare® concept is based on the idea that partner institutes will share their knowledge better, and thus be able to deal with the challenges facing their own countries’ water sectors faster and more effectively.” Zwolsman is enthusiastic about the possibilities. “I hope to transmit my enthusiasm to potential partners. In the coming year, I will be visiting leading institutes abroad with which we think – no, we know – we have something to share.”

IWA Congress Principal Sponsor

Watershare® is a principal sponsor of the IWA World Water Congress, to be held from 21 to 26 September 2014 in Lisbon.

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