Creating solutions in collaboration Annual report 2013

A new building for KWR 

The first stake goes into the ground

29 October 2013Organisation

On Tuesday, 29 October, the mayor of Nieuwegein, Frans Backhuijs, drives the first stake into the ground for KWR’s new, sustainable office building. “We’ll be getting the headquarters that are appropriate to our identity as an international and leading knowledge enterprise,” says CEO Wim van Vierssen in his speech. More than one hundred guests – neighbours, members of the Aqua Redivivus building consortium and KWR staff – looked on and then drank a hot-chocolate toast to the new building.

Sustainability is a fundamental principle in KWR’s research vision and is duly embodied in the new building. Energy consumption will be cut by 60%, in part thanks to the use of a solar water heater, LED lighting, solar panels, energy-efficient equipment and an aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) system. Through the reuse of process water and the installation of water-saving urinals, the new building will consume 25% less water and discharge 60% less wastewater. Sustainability has also been a prime consideration in the choice of building materials.

Green certificate

Thanks to these various measures, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has awarded KWR a green certificate. The ministry thereby declares that the new building contributes to promoting the sustainability of the Dutch economy.

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