Creating solutions in collaboration Annual report 2013

Berlin Centre of Competence for Water becomes Watershare® member 

KWB and end-users get down to work with Watershare® tools

7 December 2013Networks

Berlin Centre of Competence for Water (KWB) decides at the end of 2013 to become a Watershare® Silver Member. This means that the research institute has immediate access to the 16 tools currently available in the Watershare® Suite.

“Via Watershare® innovation and knowledge can be more broadly shared and applied”

K5_Watershare KWB

“As an applied research centre on water management, we often generate innovations and knowledge within a single project and with a single objective,” says Boris Lesjean, Deputy Director of KWB. “But the long-term utilisation of this valuable knowledge is difficult to manage. We know that other international centres of applied research also produce knowledge that could be of interest to us, and could help us save on costs. Watershare® fills this gap: it is a collaboration platform that offers organised access to the tools and hidden knowledge contained in a network of research establishments. It creates a multiplier effect: via Watershare® innovation and knowledge can be more broadly shared and applied.”

Applying tools in the German market

As a first step, KWB has selected two Watershare® tools, with which the institute’s researchers can get down to work: OptiValves, a model to optimise the control and maintenance costs of valves in drinking water distribution networks, and WellGrapher, a GIS model to predict the impact of land usage on groundwater quality. Lesjean explains: “We chose these tools because we think that they can be applied to the German market in the short term. This was confirmed by the fact that we quickly found end-users who were keen to start working with us with the tools. I’m very curious about what this will produce in the months ahead, in terms of results and of the experience with the Watershare® platform and network.”

Wellgrapher Optivalves

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