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Knowledge collected about microbial regrowth in drinking water distribution systems

26 September 2013BTO Research

Researchers Dick van der Kooij and Paul van der Wielen present their book on microbial (re)growth in drinking water systems – Microbial Growth in Drinking Water Supplies, Problems, Causes, Control and Research Needs – to Jan Peter van der Hoek (Waternet) and Trudy Suylen (Evides).  The book is an IWA publication and, according to Van der Wielen, provides a needed overview of the research in the field.

Van der Kooij and Van der Wielen co-edited the book following an international congress organised within the framework of the water sector’s joint research programme (BTO). In the book, researchers from eight different countries describe the progress that has been made over the past century in our knowledge about microbial growth – that is,  the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria – in  drinking water distribution systems. Apart from the causes and consequences of the growth, the book also addresses biological stable drinking water: water that provides no, or little, support for microbial growth in the distribution system.

Researchers from eight countries describe our knowledge about microbial growth in drinking water distribution systems

Knowledge gaps call for more research

The book pays a lot of attention to the distribution of drinking water without added disinfectants, like chlorine. It also addresses the subject of distribution network design and the effects of treatment methods. The last chapter is entirely dedicated to  knowledge gaps and future research. There is, for instance, a need for new detection methods for pathogenic micro-organisms, and more information on the health impacts of these pathogens and on their behaviour in the water environment.

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