Creating solutions in collaboration Annual report 2013

Solutions for the current and future occurrence of chemical substances in water 

Kick-off of large European project SOLUTIONS

29 October 2013Networks Research

The kick-off of SOLUTIONS takes place from 29 to 31 October. SOLUTIONS is a large, five-year, European research project which focuses on solutions for the current and future occurrence of chemical substances in water. The project involves 39 partners, KWR being one of the 5 largest.

SOLUTIONS is aimed at developing a new framework for the prioritisation of substances, with a view to the risks they present to humans and the environment, and the curtailment of the effects of substance mixtures in Europe’s waters. The project will also focus on the development of efficient measurement and modelling methods to identify substances. These methods will be implemented in case studies in three European river basins, including the Rhine’s. The project will also produce scenario studies concerning the development of substance emissions.

KWR focuses on risk assessment and case studies

The German research institute UFZ is coordinating the project. KWR’s work focuses primarily on innovative toxicant management, with the aim of integrating solutions into the risk assessment of substances and also having it play a role in the prioritisation process. KWR is also preparing case studies in the Rhine basin – in collaboration, among others, with the Dutch water company Oasen.

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