Creating solutions in collaboration Annual report 2013

New chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods  

Extension of broad screening of undesirable substances in drinking water sources

6 March 2013BTO

To guarantee the safety of drinking water, the water companies conduct research into the sources of drinking water for the presence of all kinds of chemical pollutants, which are often emerging substances. Over the past few years, this so-called “broad screening” has primarily detected low, non-hazardous concentrations of pharmaceuticals and hormone-disrupting substances. Within the water sector’s joint research programme (BTO), KWR, in collaboration with the water companies and their laboratories, has constantly sought methods that provide as broad an image of water quality as possible with as few different analyses as possible.

Water companies, water laboratories and KWR together ensure state-of-the-art screening

Thanks to this collaboration, the palette of broad screening analytical methods is further increased in 2013 through the addition of new analysis and detection techniques for chemical micropollutants. New chromatographic methods (HILIC) improve the detection of very polar substances, such as sweeteners, polar pesticide metabolites, pharmaceuticals and x-ray contrast media. New mass spectrometric techniques extend the detection reach of these techniques. Moreover, the mass spectrometric detection of by-products of UV treatment is improved through the development, together with the water company PWN, of innovative nitrogen labelling.

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