Creating solutions in collaboration Annual report 2013

Marjolijn Woutersen awarded doctorate 

Developing a sensor to measure surface water quality

6 June 2013Research

Marjolijn Woutersen is awarded her doctorate by VU University Amsterdam for her work at KWR on the building and testing of a new sensor to measure the quality of, and specific types of toxicity in, surface water. The sensor uses genetically modified bacteria that respond to specific substances or effects by emitting light (luminescence).


WB4_promotieonderzoek sensoren

A portion of the drinking water in the Netherlands is produced from surface water. Since the quality of this water varies, water companies measure its quality. Woutersen’s doctoral research shows that it is possible to add the luminescent bacteria to a sensor. When the genotoxic substances are then added to the water, the bacteria emit more light. Woutersen also tested sensors in Meuse river water. To apply such a sensor in practice, it needs to be further developed.

Europe also bets on sensors

In 2014, it is announced that KWR will participate in the Action Group “Real Time Water Quality Monitoring”, through which the European Commission wants to bring the results of wider sensor research to the market.

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