Creating solutions in collaboration Annual report 2013

Wide collaboration leads to “win-win areas”  

Combining water production sustainably with other area functions

18 October 2013BTO

Space is a scarce resource in the Netherlands. It is needed for living, recreation, nature, industry, agriculture as well as water production. Multiple spatial utilisation is a necessity: without it not everything we need would fit into our small country. Within the water sector’s joint research programme (BTO), KWR assists water companies in finding successful functional combinations for spatial utilisation.

Multiple spatial utilisation creates win-win situation for all parties

Water companies strive to incorporate their water production activities sustainably into the environment. A good example are the dunes, where the infiltration and abstraction systems, over the course of time, have been adapted in such a manner that they have had a positive impact on the natural environment, where people can fully pursue their recreational activities. KWR assists water companies in finding even more successful functional combinations, not only involving the natural environment but also with other stakeholders. In late 2013, the “Nature and Water Production” workshop is held. The participating representatives from water companies, environmental organisations and regional governments together explore the possibilities of successfully combining the water production function and those related to the natural environment.


One of the workshop’s conclusions is that multiple spatial utilisation for all the participating parties can lead to a stronger position in the spatial planning, that is: a win-win situation. But to achieve a good collaboration it is important that there be clarity about each stakeholder’s interests and role, mutual understanding, and that support be generated for the collaboration. And sometimes collaboration is primarily a matter of “just doing it”. Successful example projects act as inspirations; in 2014 these are to be presented on a special website.


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