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CEO Conference in Istanbul

11 April 2013BTO Networks

The Turkish city of Istanbul this time provides the setting for the CEO conference that KWR organises every two years for the Dutch and Flemish water sectors. The executives admired the developments there: the Turkish water world is evolving fast.

“We have to keep in touch with what’s happening in Turkey: things are developing fast there”

Every other year KWR organises a conference for water sector CEOs from the Netherlands and Flanders. The aim is to broaden horizons and to learn about water sector developments in other countries. The participants not only learn everything about the water management, but also about networks. Besides, opportunities are also opened up for new collaborations. In 2009 the group visited the United Kingdom, in 2011 Estonia, and today Turkey is the host country. The programme consists of a series of presentations and discussions about the Dutch and Turkish water sectors, as well as excursions. One of the presentations is about the Dutch Top consortia Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) scheme, and TKI Water Technology in particular.

Strong development

KWR’s CEO, Wim van Vierssen, sees Turkey as an ambitious, self-confident partner with growth potential. It presents opportunities: the technology in the area of water treatment is “more solid than refined”. At the same time, he is struck by the fact that Turkey organises international courses and thus plays a “leading role in the region.” His conclusion, in short, is that “they are not waiting for us, but we must keep in touch with what’s happening in Turkey: things are developing fast there.” Martien den Blanken, CEO at PWN, shares Van Vierssen’s perception: “The Turks show that they are good at building very large installations, which however are not very refined. It seems that their first priority is to supply all the inhabitants of Istanbul with water. When they take the next step, that is to improve on quality, they could benefit from Dutch know-how.” The next CEO conference will take place in 2015.

CEO Conference, Istanbul, April 11-13 2013

CEO Conference, Istanbul, April 11-13 2013

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