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Asset management: theory and practice connected

8 March 2013BTO Research
Ralph Beuken bij werkzaamheden van waterbedrijf Dunea

Ralph Beuken at water company Dunea

KWR has acquired a strong reputation in the field of infrastructure and asset management. The effort to extend asset management knowledge in 2013 is very fruitful, both in theory and practice.

One of the themes within the water sector’s joint research programme (BTO) is dedicated to asset management. The theme’s coordinator, Ralph Beuken, looks back with satisfaction on the results achieved and the collaboration: “Some good concrete products have been delivered, with contributions from a number of participants. I’m thinking, for example, of the work on the acoustic inspection of asbestos-cement pipes (“echopulse”) and the “Pipe materials and inspection techniques” portal, which provides a complete overview of techniques, experience and developments.”

Help with practical problems

In addition to the research for the water sector as a whole, KWR also has conducted some fact-finding work for individual companies: What is the cause of a problem and how can it be prevented in the future? Two examples are a pipe fracture under the seabed, and the increase in a colony count – the number of viable micro-organisms in a given volume of water – in a pumping station right after its renovation.

International developments

Internationally, the asset management thinking and experience is represented in Watershare®, the international knowledge-sharing platform, in which 5 of the 16 tools deal with infrastructure design, monitoring and improvement. More and more research is also being carried out in the European context, for example in the new SmartWater4Europe project.

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